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About Better Building Finance

Better Building Finance is a service provider for councils and lenders who offer Upgrade Finance. We work with Australian councils to establish programs to offer affordable sustainability finance to their business community, for the benefit of their staff, the municipality, and the environment. And all in the name of making existing buildings better.

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What we do

Better Building Finance helps take the administrative work out of establishing and running an Upgrade Finance program. We guide councils through the process of enabling Upgrade Finance by providing expert guidance and support at each step of the process.
We ensure each Upgrade Finance project and associated loan presented to our Council Partners for signing, meets all of the eligibility criteria and complies with relevant legislation.
Our billing platform then manages each of the projects that are approved for the full period of the loan. This means councils can offer the benefits of Upgrade Finance to their business community with minimal additional work for internal staff.

Lenders who offer Upgrade Finance


The Sustainable Australia Fund is the country’s leading provider of Upgrade Finance. They have delivered projects in 27 local government areas across Australia, and work with a network of local installation partners to help businesses drive sustainable business growth.



We are currently supported by, and receive funding from, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) as part of ARENA’s ‘Advancing Renewables’ Program.

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