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Upgrade Finance for Councils

Better Building Finance and its council partners have unlocked over $40 million in business investments through more than 100 upgrade projects. And all through offering Upgrade Finance.
Across more than 100 projects, Better Building Finance has helped councils reduce the carbon footprint of their local businesses by 500,000 tonnes of CO2, enabling them to save over $100 million in operating costs along the way.

Council and community benefits

Better building finance makes it easy for councils to...

Success Stories

Enabling Upgrade Finance

Councils need to pass a resolution to enable local business to access Upgrade Finance from lenders within the private sector.


The resolution also secures a delegation so the Chief Executive Officer (or another suitably authorised officer) can:

  • enter into, and amend or terminate Upgrade Agreements; and

  • declare an Upgrade Charge and collect the Upgrade Finance repayments


Better Building Finance is available to provide assistance to councils considering establishing a Upgrade Finance program.


State Government Legislation



We are currently supported by, and receive funding from, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) as part of ARENA’s ‘Advancing Renewables’ Program.

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